Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Healthy Living Tips

I wanted to put together some healthy living tips, all on one page, they range from exercise to eating habit tips. I realize there are a lot of fitness and healthy living advice out there, so I have listed all my favourite tips here. * Drink plenty of water The experts normally recommend about 6 - 8 medium size glasses a day, and more if you have been exercising or when the weather is very hot. Water helps to remove waste from the body, your body uses water to regulate your body temperature and allows nutrients to travel to vital organs. Also drinking lots of water and keeping your body and skin hydrated helps to fight the signs of aging. * Exercise Do some form of exercise everyday, you could do a controlled workout 3 times a week for 30 minutes, and on the other days you could just go for a walk, or do some light exercises at home. * Stop eating 2 hours before bed time This can be very important, if you're eating just before you go bed, those calories are not going to get burnt off, but if you must eat something make sure it's a high protein low carbohydrate snack, especially good if you are looking to build muscle. * Don't go crazy What I mean by this is, don't get crazy with your workouts, training 2 or 3 hours a day everyday, it doesn't take this much effort unless you're a professional athlete. Be patient it will take time to get results, that's just the way it is. * High protein - Low carbs High protein foods help to build muscle, they fill you up better, and the calories from high protein foods are burnt off quicker. * Food alternatives Look for healthier options in your current diet, for example, switch from white bread to brown, white rice to brown rice, replace ice cream with yogurt, skimmed milk, low fat spreads instead of butter. * Eat smaller meals Eating smaller meals will help prevent bloating, and make you feel more active, plus it will help to keep your stomach size down. Eating regular smaller meals also tells your body that you're getting enough nutrients and that it doesn't need to store fat. * Don't stave yourself You will be depriving your body of nutrients, and slow your metabolism and therefore reducing your bodies ability to burn calories. Starving yourself could also cause harm to your organs.

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